“Shall I tell you a little secret?”

By Krystle

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This photo was taken by me, on my holiday in Spain in 2018. With my dad’s Iphone in Portrait Mode. I was in love with this Mode the second I tried it!
I edit the picture by hand and it was my favorite that year. So when I had to make plans for my website and business cards, I felt that THIS was the picture I wanted to use for inspiration. The bird’s eye view and the colours. I really LOVE this picture.
Also because I go back into that very moment, my little boy was sitting on the boulevard looking into the sea. And now, after a year of using this in my corporate identity, it still feels great! 

And the secret I wanted to tell was that you can take the best picture even with an IPhone! It’s not the camera who makes a photo, it’s the person who sees and clicks on the right moment.
Don’t get me wrong, because for my professional shoots I only shoot with my Canon D6 and I use Lightroom for editing.
With an IPhone I cannot make pictures like I do with my professional camera.

So, I didn’t buy the IPhone with the Portrait Mode, till 6 days ago. Now I got the idea to start a challenge. I want to make bird’s eye view photos with my IPhone this year. I will not post them in my account, just in my stories. And at the end of the year I will choose my best taken IPhone photo. Maybe it will win from my Corporate Identity Photo, who knows…

 If you like to follow the #shotiniphonebykrystle on Instagram, then you will see the pictures I take over the year 2020. Today I took the first one and there my idea of this challenge was created.  

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